Staying on Top of Enterprise Extender: Proactive Monitoring, Management & Optimization

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Executive Summary

HPR totally supplanted SNA/APPN's traditional 'Intermediate session routing' functionality with three new, function-rich components. These three HPR routing components, in the context of EE, then rely upon UDP, a connectionless protocol often blocked by firewalls, for their end-to-end network transport. UDP, in its turn, uses IP, with all of its networking magic, as its underlying communications mechanism. Suffice to say that EE networking, with HPR, UDP and IP all in play, is sophisticated and thus complex - if not convoluted. Thus, in order to monitor, manage and optimize EE networking, one has to have specialized, EE-specific tools, such as SDS' VIP, that understands and supports the HPR protocols as well as their interplay with UDP/IP.

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