Storage Consolidation for Data Center Efficiency

Date Added: Jun 2009
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Most companies with modern businesses today are continually looking for ways which can satisfy their need to deal with increased need for storage consolidation. Till date companies have been handling this situation by arranging for separate storage networks including intranets, high performance computing networks, and traditional LANs for separate departments. But with the help of improved data center efficiency, it is now possible to consolidate network technologies into one pool storage system that was earlier dedicated to a specific network technology to receive greater storage consolidation. Storage consolidation offers benefits like improving the manageability and reducing the cost of storage assets for your organization. Even greater efficiencies like deduplication and cloning can be achieved with the use of modern data storage facilities available in the market. Server consolidation can be achieved by server virtualization. This is also one of the best methods available for maximizing local storage capacity. Server virtualization also increases server density by using a single physical server to host dozens of virtual machines. Server virtualization offers a number of benefits that include load balancing of virtual machines across each physical server and automatic failover of a virtual machine in case of a physical server failure. This paper focuses on the latest technologies and the opportunities that are available in the market for improving your server and storage efficiency through increased consolidation.