Strategy Guide to Converged Infrastructure in K-12 Education

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Executive Summary

IT is a critical tool in helping schools do more with less. And yet technology at schools is sometimes neglected. Old, nonstandard equipment and legacy infrastructures often impede teaching and learning with slow, unreliable access to information and applications. Local schools may not even have on-site IT support, so teachers and administrators try to manage and troubleshoot systems along with all of their other responsibilities. This takes time and energy away from what's most important: the students.

Meanwhile, school districts are expected to gather data and comply with the requirements of laws such as the no Child Left behind act of 2001. To do that, districts need a high-performance, reliable IT network. But those two attributes - high performing and reliable - are hard to achieve without unified, well-integrated technology. To meet the needs of students, teachers and the government, districts need to upgrade, streamline and standardize technology and operations. Although it requires a substantial investment, an improved infrastructure will pay off by enabling greater efficiency and effectiveness in collecting and reporting data, giving staff the tools to teach more effectively and delivering better quality education to students.

Unless the integration is carefully planned and executed, however, it can backfire and create more complexity, more expense and less efficiency. This strategy guide will explain how, by using HP's Converged infrastructure, you can upgrade technology, standardize equipment and improve IT practices in your school district, all of which can reduce IT costs, cut network downtime, increase productivity, improve learning, and enable more efficient and effective data collection and reporting.

This whitepaper is a rich media document, and includes industry analyst research, multimedia content, risk assessment tool, solutions brief, valuable reference articles and several detailed customer case studies, all embedded within the single dossier.

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