Streamlining Engineering Operations With Perforce SCM Software

Date Added: Feb 2010
Format: PDF

The Perforce Software Configuration Management (SCM) system has become an industry-leading solution because of its low cost, ease of use, high performance, and flexibility. Users of Perforce often find that NetApp storage complements Perforce capabilities by improving storage utilization, performance, data protection, and availability while helping intellectual property to remain secure. This case study examines the use of Perforce and NetApp technology by two software development organizations: NetApp Engineering and Siemens PLM. NetApp Engineering combines Perforce, NetApp, and third-party technologies to provide nondisruptive checkpoints, load balancing, and space-efficient, prebuilt workspaces. Siemens PLM has created a unique Development Management System (DMS) to meet its specific business objectives on top of its Perforce/NetApp environment.