Study on MIMO Schemes for 3G-LTE Downlink

Date Added: Aug 2009
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The combination of MIMO and OFDM becomes a key standardization work for the downlink channel in 3G Long-Term Evolution (3G-LTE). This paper studies one of the core techniques of 3G-LTE downlink: the coding and decoding schemes in a time-variable multipath environment. It discusses the MIMO schemes for 3G-LTE downlink, the STBC/SFBC, SFTC/STTC and group layered SFC coding-decoding schemes. This paper also discusses channel estimation scheme based on Pilot Symbol Assistance (PSA), including the pilot pattern and the channel tracking algorithms. The computation complexity, frequency efficiency, BER performance and the effects of channel estimation are analyzed under multi-path fading channel environments. Then the authors give computer simulation results for the coding-decoding schemes. They believe that results will provide beneficial information to design the 3G-LTE downlink channels.