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Sun's Reference Architecture for Next-Generation Data Backup

Date Added: Jul 2009
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All small and large companies require data archive capabilities today. However, data centers today are faced with challenges such as tremendous growth of data, the need to provide promised service levels, and backup windows for users. They have to also deal with data retention and retrieval requirements along with the intensifying energy costs. Data protection environments are getting larger, complex, and diverse. Therefore, administrators need to meet growing data backup requirements and providing a comprehensive backup solution. They also have to maintain costs. To meet these requirements of developers, Sun has been developing and providing archiving solutions to clients. These are openly architected, smart, and scalable general purpose archive solutions. The solutions come with breakthrough cost structures and use the Symantec NetBackup software. These archiving solutions make use of the Sun CoolThreads servers and the Solaris operating system. With these inclusions, the solutions are able to provide next-generation data protection for large and small heterogeneous environments. It contains a flexible architecture on multiple levels and comes with virtually unlimited scalability. The solution is able to provide central management and end-to-end data protection for use on different technologies. This paper takes a look at the Sun reference architecture that uses the Symantec NetBackup software for next-generation data backup. It has an architecture overview that describes hardware and software components. There is a discussion on the implementation and configuration that details configuration figures and helps with tuning for the Solaris OS and Symantec NetBackup software.