Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management System

Date Added: Nov 2009
Format: PDF

This paper deals with security and authentication functions of the Sun StorageTek Crypto Key Management System Version 2.0 or KMS 2.0. KMS 2.0 represents the entire gamut of the products including the main system and the various update to it. The system is designed to ensure secure and automatic key management services. These services are generally provided to generic encryption representatives. However, this paper does not touch the subject of installation and management of the system. It however delves into the complete topography of KMS 2.0. The system includes a key management appliance which is laden with Key Management Appliance Software. The entire machine requires on or more of these appliances. The other main part of the machine is the agent, which is a software or device that is responsible for performing the functions of encryption. The encryption is carrying out with the help of keys administered by the KMS. The paper then discusses the various 'Actors' involved in the process. These actors include both "Software/Hardware" module and human component. The various actors involved are the users, security officers, compliance officers and operators. These actors perform various functions assigned to them. For example, operator is entrusted with the task of managing data units, keys and agents. The paper also makes the critical evaluation of the system.