Superposition Coding Aided Bi-Directional Relay Transmission Employing Iteratively Decoded Self-Concatenated Convolutional Codes

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In this paper, the authors consider coding schemes designed for two nodes communicating with each other with the aid of a relay node, which receives information from the two nodes in the first time slot. At the relay node they combine a powerful SuperPosition Coding (SPC) scheme with Iteratively-Decoded SElf-Concatenated Convolutional Codes (SECCC-ID), which exchange mutual information between each other. It is assumed that decoding errors may be encountered at the relay node. The relay node then broadcasts this information in the second time slot after re-encoding it, again, using a SECCC encoder. At the destination, an amalgamated SPC-SECCC block then detects and decodes the signal either with or without the aid of a priori information.