Big Data

Surfacing Knowledge In A 2.0 Fashion

Date Added: Jul 2009
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This paper provides information about acquiring knowledge about Enterprise 2.0. Enterprise 2.0 benefits organizations that wish to improve collaboration between employees connect dispersed workforces or wish to improve innovation. Enterprise 2.0 is seen as a knowledge discovery solution that has numerous strategic goals like a business. If the employee's visibility into one another is the key for a business, then a new communication model is essential. In this communication model the business knowledge need not extracted in a labor intensive process. In this model the knowledge of employee's normal activity is made available with other for use. The understanding of work is not recorded in a single moment but the understanding is done over time. This model provides the insight of what is happening within the company and how the problems are solved. It is not difficult to acquire the knowledge and understand the value of providing detailed insight of work that is going on within the organization. It could be difficult to envision specific tools that could make such insight possible and practical. Several organization start by profiling their employee's that includes elements of social networking applications, which provides a useful starting point. Enterprise 2.0 emphasizes on sharing information that can transform the system and make it a knowledge extraction environment which is free flowing, organic and knowledge emergence. This environment makes the system more flexible and being a conscious rigid one.