Surveying Your Application Needs

Date Added: Jan 2010
Format: HTML

Using Oracle Application Express to create, deploy, and compile results for a survey is a natural fit, because the surveys are often needed quite quickly, distribution and access via the Web offer convenience, and results are stored in an Oracle database for easy analysis. With the help of various quick steps Oracle Application Express builds a quick survey application. The steps start with setting up the tables. It has survey questions. Next there is a table for the responses. Then an application cell is introduced in the step up. It can be reassembled. The Survey Questions are added to the applications. Another page is built to include the final two questions and their answers. Following this submit button is added. A 3rd page is added to complete the survey application and add an HTML region. When all applications are in place, click the run icon. This is the company's way to get feedback on workshops or training sessions. Using Oracle Application Express to quickly create surveys has proven to be useful. This can be replicated by the user to make new survey questions.