Survivable Multipath Traffic Grooming in Telecom Mesh Networks With Inverse Multiplexing

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Executive Summary

The authors investigate the survivable traffic grooming problem with inverse multiplexing in next-generation SONET/SDH networks employing Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM). With support of Virtual Concatenation (VCAT), a connection of any bandwidth can be provisioned as several sub-connections (i.e., inverse-multiplexed) over diverse paths. How to efficiently protect and groom these low-speed sub-connections onto high-capacity wavelength channel, considering the typical constraints, is an important and interesting problem. They propose and investigate the characteristics of survivable MultiPath traffic grooming with Protection-At-Connection (MP-PAC) level and Protection-At-Lightpath (MP-PAL) level for grooming a connection request with shared protection, subject to the constraints of Inverse-Multiplexing Factor (IMF), Differential-Delay Constraint (DDC), and grooming ports.

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