Symantec White Paper - 7 Steps to Windows 7

Date Added: Oct 2009
Format: PDF

Symantec, a provider of security, storage, and systems management solutions, suggests seven steps that ensure smooth shift and sustained business value for migration to Windows 7. It discusses efficient, cost-effective, and sustainable migration steps for Windows 7 that is productive and secure. On-demand, user-based provisioning combined with standard configurations and controlled change management procedures are all discussed for manageable environment of the software. In this paper, Symantec provides migration and deployment solutions to streamline the processes that can help in cutting expenses, delays, and disruption of migration to Windows 7. These savings can be applied to advanced Symantec solutions for security, effective environments, data protection, and management that offer reliable, productive, secure, and manageable IT environment. Seven migration steps discussed in this paper include assessment of environment and plan deployment, building standard OS images, preparing applications, capturing user settings and personality variables, assembling the pieces and automating migration process, migrate systems, and measure and report. The organization integrates automated, up-to-date migration and deployment solutions to deliver a range of endpoint and data protection, endpoint virtualization, and management solutions. With Windows 7, Microsoft has taken care to avoid migration and deployment issues to make it easy to install Windows.