T.38 and the Future of Fax

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Executive Summary

One tool crucial to building the new world of real-time fax over IP is the emerging International Telecommunications Union (ITU) T.38 standard for real-time fax over IP, which makes it possible for fax machines from different vendors to talk to each other over IP networks.

Dialogic will fax-enable all its DM3? IPLink? IP telephony products, which include densities from 4 to 60 ports on PCI and CompactPCI, supported by Windows NT, Sun Solaris (UltraSparc) and UnixWare 7. This means a voice-over-IP solution in the field can evolve into a voice-and-fax-over-IP solution with a simple software upgrade.

The key benefit of sending fax over IP is that it saves tremendous amounts of money on long-distance charges. When a user sends a fax over IP, a fax machine or PC client transmits the image data as packets through an IP data network?the public Internet, a company intranet, or an external extranet?instead of over the public telephone network(PSTN).

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