Tabu Search Meta-Heuristic for Static Manycast Routing And Wavelength Assignment Over Wavelength-Routed Optical WDM Networks

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Executive Summary

This paper presents a tabu search meta-heuristic to solve the static MAnycast Routing and Wavelength Assignment problem (MA-RWA). The problem is to route a set of static manycast requests over a wavelength-routed WDM network such that the number of wavelengths required is minimized. The authors present the details of a tabu search meta-heuristic for this problem and compare it to another MA-RWA heuristic called Lambda Path Heuristic (LPH) as well as a multi-cast RWA heuristic. The tabu search meta-heuristic shows a 10% improvement over LPH and a 30-40% improvement over the multi-cast heuristic for various realistic networks.

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