Tactical SOA Governance Processes. AKA, Where to Start?

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Executive Summary

In coming up with solutions on the perceived complexity of putting in place an initial governance solution, Dave Berry of Oracle discusses the tactical processes that would be a possible solution for organizations that are trying to get a grip on SOA asset management. While understanding tactical SOA governance processes, the author considers things that have come to notice in discussions with customers such as loading assets into their repository to discover dependencies with the benefit being more granular deployment bundles and reduced deployment time. There is one more process that is more mundane than this. This is when the customer has some processes in place for management of endpoints in different environments. This is picked up as the starting point of this discussion and the paper focuses on a specific type of URL associated with the location of the web services runtime implementation. This is also known as the WSDL Service Port SOAP location and the paper discusses it with an example here: It is often noticed that customers would like to have a single location so that they are able to comfortably manage all service endpoints. Such a requirement can be assisted by a service bus that allows its own endpoints to be externally managed at runtime. This can even be done without redeployment by using service registry's UDDI serviceKeys. This is a topic for a future discussion but hopefully it has provided fuel for thought on how to break down seemingly complex governance problems into smaller manageable processes to jump start the overall governance strategy.

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