Take Back The End Point

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Executive Summary

With mobile technology taking off, many businesses are having to figure out how they'll handle the inherent security vulnerabilities that come with it.

Security was once about building firewalls and layers of protection around your network in order to protect it from attackers, but with mobile technology taking off, employees are taking security vulnerabilities to them. The question of how to keep your devices secure without sacrificing mobility and usefulness is a tough one, but it has many focused on the endpoint.

Check out this white paper, Take Back The End Point, to learn why protecting the end points of your network could be the most important step in keeping your mobile network secure.

  • Learn about the unique security challenges that mobile networks present
  • Hear about the threats that plague mobile technology
  • Discover how you can strike a balance between freedom and security
Read Take Back The End Point and get started on your mobile security strategy.

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