TALB: A Traffic-Aware Load Balancer for Throughput Improvement in Wireless Mesh Networks

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors design, implement and evaluate a practical flow-based routing architecture for WMNs, called TALB, which exploits traffic measurements to balance traffic load over available mesh paths and gateways. To achieve throughput enhancements while mitigating inter-flow interference, TALB implements a Constrained Maximal Bottleneck Path computation algorithm to maximize the bottleneck capacity of the paths used to reach the Internet, while preserving a given degree of traffic locality. The distinctive aspect of their proposed scheme is that it relies on a traffic-aware definition of residual link capacities to properly take into account the heterogeneity of Internet applications (e.g., inelastic vs. elastic traffic) and their service requirements (e.g., fixed vs. adaptive demands).

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