Data Centers

Taming the Power Hungry Data Center

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Executive Summary

A look at the background to explore decreased power consumption at data centers has been provided by an EPA report which states that most corporations are likely to see data center costs become three to five fold over the coming years. It infers that energy may be the second biggest cost factor at data centers worldwide. In discussing a solution, the paper demonstrating how Fusion-io's sophisticated storage solution ioDrive arrests the increased power demands caused by the current data path. ioDrive's advantage is that it is able to use and extract performance from flash memory. The paper points out that digital cameras, thumb drives and hand-held media players are examples of gadgets viable due to flash technology. Flash memories require little power, and, are able to store data even whilst power is not on due to not having moving parts. The ioDrive has incorporated these advantages, overcoming limitations of flash memory and delivering unprecedented storage performance. In addition, it is also reliable. The paper describes how the ioDrive has heralded a change or transition in data center architectures; a transition that may provide higher computing capability at lower power. This can drastically improve the data center's performance and decrease power consumed. The paper states that this change can also reduce other resources required by the data center, such as equipment, space and temperature.

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