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TDWI Checklist Report: Operational Data Quality

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Executive Summary

Failing to ensure high-quality operational data may put at risk many worthwhile business goals for operational excellence. There are many areas within the average enterprise where high-quality operational data contributes to operational excellence such as clean and auditable financial data for regulatory reports, standards for data-driven processes like claim processing or fulfillment in e-commerce, current and enhanced employee data per the USA Patriot Act, etc...

In all these examples, people, processes, organizational structures, data, software, and other resources are already in place and operating. Most definitions of operational excellence prescribe incremental enhancements and optimizations for individual, pre-existing resources; the assumption is that localized improvements have a global impact on broad processes. In that spirit, this report provides recommendations for improving the quality of operational data, which in turn contributes to an organization's drive toward operational excellence.

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