Testing Your Oracle ADF Faces Application With Selenium

Testing your oracle ADF faces application with Selenium is possible with the JUnit. This paper illustrates how Selenium and JUnit can be used together to build unit tests that test Oracle Application Development Framework Web user interfaces UIs. Along with testing individual components and pieces of code, it is equally important to check whether the User Interface (UI) of a Web application is functioning as expected or not. Earlier, such testing was carried out by real people sitting in front of a computer manually running test scripts to verify that things work correctly. But such manual UI testing has some drawbacks. Along with being time consuming as people are inherently slower than computers, manual UI testing are also open to mistakes that people running manual tests can make. Also, as people running these tests need salary they happen to be expensive too. Many a times, lack of enough testers may limit the number of times these tests can be carried out. With changing times, manual testing is also supported by automated UI testing to ensure regular and more accurate testing. Among the many tools offered for such automation of UI testing is Selenium from Oracle. Selenium provides a Mozilla Firefox add-on (Selenium IDE) that can be used to record UI tests using your browser. It also saves the tests for use with a variety of testing frameworks (such as JUnit). Through tools provided by Selenium, users can also replay the recorded UI tests later.

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