The 5 Big Ideas of Enterprise 2.0

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This paper aims to give information about different strategies regarding efficient functioning of an enterprise. It is important that one not only have good content which includes the ideas and documents but also a context. Context here implies a way of accessing these documents and ideas at right time. Social media is a very good medium to organize the information one has and make sense of it. If the information is organized in the right context then the employees are able to collaborate and work up to their maximum potential. Good social media tools like enterprise 2.0 also help to increase efficiency levels of employees in the organization. Enterprise 2.0 can help to increase the level of openness amongst the employees in the organization. It can also help employees from different departments to share information in order to work effectively. Enterprise 2.0 gives the employees ability of knowledge management and express creatively without any pressure from higher authorities. It is also important to remember that Enterprise 2.0 can become a huge burden on the employees if it is randomly introduced besides other structures of business operations that exist presently. The implementation of Enterprise 2.0 can fail if it becomes an overload for the employees. Thus the employer must keep in mind that the Enterprise 2.0 is introduced in appropriate manner so that the employees can utilize it effectively.