The Average Response Time in a Heavytraffic SRPT Queue

Shortest Remaining Processing Time first (SRPT) has long been known to optimize the queue length distribution and the mean response time (a.k.a. flow time, sojourn time). As such, it has been the focus of a wide body of analysis. However, results about the heavy-traffic behavior of SRPT have only recently started to emerge. In this paper, the authors characterize the growth rate of the mean response time under SRPT in the M/GI/1 system under general job size distributions. Their results illustrate the relationship between the job size tail and the heavy traffic growth rate of mean response time. Further, they show that the heavy traffic growth rate can be used to provide an accurate approximation for mean response time outside of heavy traffic.

Provided by: California Institute of Technology Topic: Mobility Date Added: Aug 2010 Format: PDF

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