Data Centers

The Business Imperative to Gain Data Center Insight

Date Added: May 2010
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The business aspect of a data centre requires a fine balance between managing capacity, operations and cost. As data centers become more dynamic, they require new tools and assets to work in tandem with the demands of the industry. At the same time, data centers are expected to match up to standards of delivery, consistence, speed and reliability. Such a bundle of efficiency requires the operator of the data center to know the asset environment in and out. What can help them in such a situation? A solution that can provide real time, up-to-date and centralized documentation is required for the operator to access information affecting their business. Information of such a nature will enable data centers to reduce expenditure on power, cut costs on support services, and allow the operator to make changes immediately. The Avocent Management Platform works as an integrated source of information for management of IT infrastructure in a data center. It can help find means to cut costs and increase efficiency. This management platform includes the LANDesk Asset Lifecycle Manager, MergePoint Infrastructure Explorer software, and the DSView 3 management software. This paper studies the working of this management platform that makes it easier to understand and manage assets of a data center. Such a dynamic data center infrastructure helps users meet seething business demands of cost effectiveness, while maintaining an efficient IT infrastructure.