The Business Implications of Not Having a Backup Strategy : Where Businesses Get it Wrong

The fear of losing data is what makes it essential for businesses to invest in a method that can take complete care of all storage and protection needs of the data. If there is a company that fails to maintain a copy of its data, then it is asking for trouble at some point in time. As a recent research revealed that most small and medium size businesses are aware and recognize the importance of having backups but there are companies that are not sure of what makes an effective data backup strategy. This paper outlines the risks of not having a backup strategy. Some of the mistakes that businesses make that can lead to data loss are: not conducting regular backups, keeping backups online and storing it on an individual's laptop or computer and not owing confirming backups. Therefore, in order to make an effective data backup strategy companies should keep the following points in mind: decide what data needs to be backed up, decide where to keep the backup, store a full backup at another location or online to protect against fire, theft, or other disaster of the, if the data is critical it is recommended to have a quarterly and yearly backup so that one can recover files that may have been deleted, make backing up a part of the normal scheduled daily tasks, wherever possible automate the backup process, and tailor the backup strategy as per one's business needs.

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