The CIO's Guide to Videoconferencing Security: Keeping Pace with the DoD

Date Added: Mar 2010
Format: PDF

Over the past few years, collaboration technologies, like audio, video, and web conferencing, have played an ever-increasing role in national security and defense. This dependency on high impact, rich media communication has spread throughout government and military agencies around the world. Videoconferencing, in particular, has undergone a dramatic transformation from a "Nice-to-have" leading-edge technology into a mission critical requirement. In the military, videoconferencing is now widely used to facilitate real-time decision making for command and control applications and to improve combat effectiveness for wartime fighters. Furthermore, the process of real-time decision-making is transitioning from a "Command and Control" model to a "Command and Feedback" model. This paradigm shift gives commanders the ability to know the moment the operational picture changes and improves decision-making in the field.