The Cost Of Bad Behavior: How Incivility Is Damaging Your Business

Date Added: Jul 2009
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The corporate world has an incivility problem, and it's getting worse. One text during meetings, spread rumors about colleagues, fails to respond to e-mails, leave messes for the next person to clean up, and forget to say "please" and "thank you." Sometimes we act covertly. If we're important, we can keep other people waiting, demean them publicly and talk in condescending tones. These seemingly inconsequential acts of workplace incivility often go unnoticed, unreported and uncorrected. The author shows that the toll on a company's bottom line can be immense. Expensive but largely unseen side effects occur when one employee treats another in a disrespectful way. When these inconsiderate words and deeds are left unchecked, they have a tendency to spread fast, far and wide.