The Creating of Video Conference of Flex Learning Center Application Using Flex

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Executive Summary

The concept of e-learning has grown by leaps and bounds that it has become an integral part of modern communication technology. Not only has it replaced conventional teaching methods, it has embraced the concept of holistic learning which covers all the aspects of teaching by interacting with experts from different fields. E-learning demands that the teaching community be present at the location during videoconferencing, but they are not bound by the concepts of space and time. Flex Learning Center (FLC) is an integral part of the Computer Applications and Office Technology (CAOT) department. It works as a computer classroom where students get individual attention and they can learn at their own pace and convenience. Students can take tests and complete their lessons under skilled instructors. This feature is great help for those students who want to continue their education, but cannot make it physically to the classroom. Adobe Flex is a software kit that was released by Adobe systems for deploying instructions over the internet through cross platforms. With Flex, audio and videoconferencing is possible at the highest level and their inter connectivity standards are unbelievable. It is the next level of Flash, but comes with chatting facilities too. The concept of Rich Internet Applications (RIA) is developed through Flex which means that it can be used more easily, with user-friendly interface, streamlined work flow and even interactions in real time. This is something that is not possible in HTML.

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