The DNA Of Effectiveness

This paper will throw light about the DNA of effectiveness. Today there is so much of discussion about effective organization. Many people confuse that effectiveness is a concept of being good at doing something. Being effective would mean that the activity was done properly as per its intended objective. It is more relevant to IT organization and with years of process improvement makes it more efficient. These organizations might be efficient but might not be effective since the execution might not be in line with what the business wants. Every company has a mission statement and knowing about your mission is the first and important step to become an effective organization. The corporate mission statement is critical and you must begin by having a proper mission and it must be achieved from a customer's point of view. This will only make the organization more successful. Having a clear mission statement means an effective organization. To have an effective organization you should identify the elements that are hindering your ability of the organization. On identifying the gaps you must develop a plan that will help build the necessary capabilities. This may look simple but the challenge might affect your improvement effort. You must start to look beyond process and technology and not get locked by asking the same question to fulfill the mission.

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