The Effect of Rain Attenuation on the Performance of BFWA Around Kjeller, Norway

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Executive Summary

In this paper, the authors study the effect of rain attenuation on the performance of Broadband Fixed Wireless Access (BFWA) around Kjeller, Norway. The analysis was performed using rain attenuation statistics derived from local measurements at 42 GHz collected over 4 years from a star-like network. The rain attenuation statistics of three converging links is presented and has been compared with the ITU-R model. Generally, the ITU-R model predicts the rain attenuation statistics relatively well, except for high attenuation ranges where the model overestimates the occurrence. In addition, statistical results of the channel capacity and Bit Error Rate (BER) in the presence of rain attenuation at different service distances in scenarios with and without intercell interference are presented.

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