Data Centers

The Four Trends Driving the Future of Data Center Infrastructure Design and Management

Date Added: Nov 2009
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Data center have come to be the veins of an organization. Therefore, they are constantly being upgrade to improve efficiency with the changing needs of businesses and with the aim of bringing cost effectiveness. The next decade is seen as a crucial phase that will offer many opportunities for improving efficiency throughout the three cycles-design and deployment, operations, and management & planning. These cycles are important for the evolution and modernization of the enterprise data center. This paper studies four trends that will drive these changes. The paper highlights the fact that organizations should avail of every opportunity throughout the lifecycle of the data center in order to attain optimum efficiency while maintaining high level of performance. To start with the first stage, companies can use pre-engineered solutions and high-density architectures at the design and deployment stage. This will reduce the time, space and capital required for construction of the building. The next stage is that of operation. Here data center managers can deploy efficient technologies and strategies to reduce operational costs. They can also work towards reducing the downtime costs by employing high-availability configurations. Organizations can also opt for infrastructure management controls for some additional savings. These controls will go a long way in streamlining operations and will also facilitate in working out a comprehensive maintenance program.