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The Global Integrity Report: Methodology

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Executive Summary

Global Integrity country assessments provide detailed data and reporting on the mechanisms in place to prevent abuses of power and promote public integrity.Global Integrity quantitatively assesses the opposite of corruption, that is, the access that citizens and businesses have to a country's government, their ability to monitor its behavior, and their ability to seek redress and advocate for improved governance. The Integrity Indicators break down that "Access" into a number of categories and questions, ranging from inquiries into electoral practices and media freedom to budget transparency and conflicts of interests regulations. Global Integrity's indicators are specially designed for one-to-one analysis of datasets of government policies and violence. This forms the core competency on account of government sustainability issues and corruption mechanisms. Indicators outlines the comprehensive report structures with facts and figures depicting quantitative databanks at the state-run levels. This databanks represents global information source showing the actual scenario of market economy on areas of anti-corruptions and public administration control liability levels towards nation for different economies. With the high analyzed information network sources around the globe "Global Integrity Approach" is backed by extremely sophisticated business tools by collecting the information with efficient classifications. Transparency, both in terms of our methodology and findings, is what characterizes the Global Integrity approach and enhances the robustness and credibility of all our findings.

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