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The HTML and CSS Web Standards Solutions: A Web Standardistas' Approach

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Executive Summary

It's hard to imagine a web page without links. It is as claustrophobic as being left in a room with no outlet at all. Once a person has mastered the act of creating web pages, even complex web pages with text and pictures and all other attractive features, the next thing that is required is the link. Links are important because several un-related pages are connected with it. Without it, there would be no meaning in your document. This paper explains the importance of creating links in a web page, the methods adopted in creating the links and the basics involved. Web designing teaches one about writing good links and a descriptive link makes the site a user friendly one. Each link element has got specific function and this is detailed in the paper. The language used in building these links is also highly important as that is what the customer remembers and types for further reference. Such links holds greater weight-age in search engines. Using specific descriptive links is always more effective than generic phrases and it is likely to get more hits. The links could be external links, internal ones or maybe an e-mail link. External links plays an important role in directing traffic to the site from other websites. Internal links creates a web page of your own. Whatever the link, checking the workings of the links is important for successful business.

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