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The Impact of Business Intelligence System Maturity on Information Quality

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With the aim to recommend and investigate the relationship between business intelligence systems and information quality, this paper examines the impact of business intelligence systems' maturity on the quality of content and media quality. This paper intends to provide suitable, related, and easy-to-use information to knowledge workers at various levels in organizations. It also talks about the ability to analyze business information that can improve the decision making of management in various business activities. The information quality focuses on two main aspects including the content of information and its accessibility. This paper is divided into various sections to explain and provide information in detail with accurate data and tables. The research is based on empirical data that was collected through a survey of Slovenian medium and large organizations. This paper discusses the implementation of business intelligence systems to be more effective on media quality outcomes. It also suggests the projects implementing business intelligence systems to focus more on ensuring quality content. The paper talks about some points that should be considered when executing business intelligence systems. The need for better understanding of knowledge workers' needs is also discussed in this paper. Organizations should make all decisions on the basis of facts and data collected. In order to generate benefits, a company should have a positive relationship between perceived information quality and information use for higher information and content quality.