The Impact Of The Business Environment On Young Firm Financing

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This paper uses a dataset of more than 70,000 firms in over 100 countries to systematically study the use of different financing sources for new and young firms, in comparison to mature firms. The authors find that in all countries younger firms rely less on bank financing and more on informal financing. However, they all Services (SCFS). The authors describe this growth in terms of the emergent context. Literature in general service and financial service design consider context as an important element of the service design, but little attention is given to understanding and defining of emergent context itself. They discuss general service and SCFS design literatures which establish the need to understand the context of SCFS design and implementation. To inform relevant SCFS design, they show how multiple resource factors (geographical, sectorial and service portfolio) create emergent context at a specific point in time and how emergent context and real SCFS in it can be addressed or coded.