The Influence of the Severity of Fading and Shadowing on the Statistical Properties of the Capacity of Nakagami-Lognormal Channels

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Executive Summary

This paper deals with the study of the statistical properties of the capacity of Nakagami-Log-Normal (NLN) channels for various fading environments. Specifically, the impact of shadowing and the severity of fading on the channel capacity are investigated. The authors have derived analytical expressions for the Probability Density Function (PDF), Cumulative Distribution Function (CDF), Level-Crossing Rate (LCR), and Average Duration of Fades (ADF) of the channel capacity. These results are analyzed for different levels of shadowing and for various fading conditions, corresponding to different terrestrial environments. It is observed that the severity of fading and shadowing has a significant influence on the spread and the maximum value of the PDF and LCR of the channel capacity.

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