The L Programming Language or TCL for C Programmers

L is a language with the unusual twist that it compiles to TCL byte codes and by doing so leverages the entire TCL runtime. L functions may call TCL process and vice versa. They may also coexist in the same source file. L is static weakly typed language .The L syntax is reminiscent of C with a tiny bit of C++ thrown in. The implementation consists primarily of a simple compiler that TCL invokes whenever L source code is encountered. The L code is parsed by a Bison-generated parser into an Abstract Syntax Tree (AST), which is then type-checked and then translated into TCL byte code. Upon its execution, L code is indistinguishable from TCL code, which makes for easy interoperability. L is open source software, and it is made available under the same license as TCL/TK. This is done so with the hope that people will find it useful and it may encourage more people to join the TCL/TK community. The L language is unique in that it is an alternate syntax which peacefully coexists with the TCL/TK system and leverages all of that system. Over the course of the next year L is expected to be used to even rewrite a few GUI systems. Given that L is a young language, it will continue to evolve with use.

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