The Live Social Semantics Application: A Platform for Integrating Face-to-Face Presence with On-Line Social Networking

Date Added: Oct 2009
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The authors describe a novel application that integrates real-world data on the face-to-face proximity of individuals with their identities and contacts in on-line social networks. This application was successfully deployed at two conference gatherings, ESWC09 and HT2009, and actively used by hundreds of people. Personal profiles of the participants were automatically generated using several Web 2.0 systems and semantic data sources, and integrated in real-time with face-to-face proximity relations detected using RFID-enabled badges. The integration of these heterogeneous data sources enables various services that enhance the experience of conference attendees, allowing them to explore their social neighborhood and to connect with other participants. This paper describes the architecture of the application, the services they provided, and the results they achieved in these deployments.