The Maximum Throughput of A Wireless Multi-Hop Path

Date Added: Sep 2009
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In this paper, the maximum end-to-end throughput that can be achieved on a wireless multi-hop path is investigated analytically. The problem is modeled using the conflict graph, where each link in the multi-hop path is represented uniquely by a vertex in the conflict graph and two vertices are adjacent if and only if the associated links mutually interfere. Using the conflict graph and the linear programming formulations of the problem, the authors analyzed the maximum end-to-end throughput of a wireless multi-hop path in a simple scenario where nodes are optimally placed and each node can only interfere with the transmission of its adjacent nodes along the path, and in a more complicated scenario where nodes are randomly placed and each node can interfere with the transmission of any number of nearby nodes along the path in both an error free radio environment and an erroneous radio environment.