Data Management

The Necessary Convergence of IT and Facilities ? Bringing the two groups together under one unified process

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Executive Summary

In the quest to more effectively manage the IT infrastructure, many organizations are stymied by a disconnect between IT and Facilities. The two groups rarely collaborate and typically report into different parts of the organization. Apart, neither group can optimize energy consumption and system availability across the big picture. The data center could be consuming more energy than necessary. Essential IT applications could be at risk from infrastructure weaknesses. Inefficiencies could force premature construction of additional power and cooling infrastructure.

If IT and Facilities could work collaboratively, organizations can operate more efficiently and effectively while still meeting their business objectives. That's why Eaton? is partnering with organizations that develop IT management systems to create an integrated approach to energy management. This white paper describes how a joint monitoring and management solution links IT assets, the data center infrastructure and Facilities assets into a holistic perspective aligned with business processes.

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