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The New Paradigm of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity for Small and Mid-Size Business

Date Added: Oct 2009
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This paper aims at explaining the new ways of recovery from a disaster during the course of business functioning and its continuity. Most of the big and small organizations experience many interruptions in the functioning of their business. In the earlier times most companies gave a very low priority to Disaster recovery. This is because similar to an insurance policy it incurred expenses for a long time. Thus nobody was willing to give importance to disaster recovery. Today after much struggle with the friends and colleagues the author was able to put into practice the plan for disaster recovery. The author had to patiently follow many steps for the implementation of the disaster recovery plan. He contacted the crises managers, the administrative directors and the managing partners and arranged for the meeting. The IT then spoke to the ISP and confirmed that for the internet access they did activate the Alternate Internet Traffic route. Thus they started all the computers and routers in the direction of new alternate route. They also did the double check whether all the backup measures that were planned were in place. They put up information on the company's web site that the company has started functioning. . The crises managers also informed many people via phone. Thus the company became operational.