The Next Phase in Modernization: Unifying the Dynamic Data Center

Whenever problems have confronted businesses, technological innovations have helped them come out of it. Once the problem is identified, a solution is worked out, which is then implemented. This leads to the birth of many new opportunities, which again brings up new problems and the cycle kick starts again. This self?perpetuating cycle can be witnessed in the evolution and modernization of the enterprise data center. In recent years, new strategies, technologies and architectures have been adopted by IT professionals to accommodate the enormous rates of data growth, ensure regulatory compliance and to bring cost effectiveness in the management of data centers. Next in the line is concept of virtualization, which involves virtualization of servers, networks, and storage. Virtualization helps to bring greater efficiencies into IT operations and also make them more flexible to the growth and business changes. Apart from this, virtualization has also helped in adding new dimensions to the role that IT plays in a business. The phenomenal uptake of virtualization can be seen from the way many organizations are using it for investigating cloud and IT?as?a?service models and service oriented architectures. This enables business users to use IT as a service on a pay?as?you?go basis. Unification of data center is taking the virtualization concept to a next level, which is being studied by this paper.

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