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The Oracle BPM Directory Explained

Date Added: Jan 2010
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The BPM Directory is an information storage area that stores configuration information about a BPM environment. It is a basic component of the BPM environment that provides access to the BPM organization including participants, groups, organizational units, and roles. This paper offers detailed information about the Oracle BPM Directory with basic concepts regarding how BPM applications use the BPM Directory. The information presented here is based on Oracle BPM 10gR3 with general concepts such as BPM environment, BPM engine, BPM workspace, and process instances. The BPM Directory provides services to recognize, validate, and authorize participants. This directory consists of two components including information critical to BPM environment and an API to access this repository. The information stored by the BPM applications in the repository can be accessed and manipulated by the API. The BPM Directory mentioned in this paper is used to store all the information in a single database schema. All details regarding the creation and setup of BDM Directory Repository are mentioned in the paper. This directory can obtain the configuration file in a variety of ways including from the file system, as a classpath resource, and as a URL. BPM Applications can use the BPM Directory in different ways depending upon their specific characteristics. One section of the paper describes the BPM Organization model, how it is used, and also describes the mapping between the enterprise organization and the BPM Organization.