The Performance of Relay-Enhanced Cellular OFDMA-TDD Network for Mobile Broadband Wireless Services

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Executive Summary

A Multihop Relay (MR) and repeater are useful means for improving system throughput and coverage in a cellular mobile packet access system, as the carrier-to-interference ratio can be improved when deploying them in a heavily shadowed region. In this paper, the authors report on their investigation of bandwidth efficiency and the associated service outage performance for different relay scenarios, using system level simulation for a cellular Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiple Access-Time Division Duplexing (OFDMA-TDD) system. They have demonstrated that network throughput gain by typical optical repeaters, which have a simple amplify-and-forwarding capability in a full-duplexing mode, could be minimal in open space subject to cochannel interference from all repeaters in the neighboring cells.

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