The RCS Network Return Link Performance Using the JIPM Over WGS1, 2, 3

Date Added: Oct 2010
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The Wideband Global System is currently operational on WGS1 (175E), WGS2 (60E) and will shortly be operational on WGS3 (12W). The RCS Network is supported today on WGS2 using the Digital Video Broadcast by Satellite (DVB-S) in the forward direction and the DVB-Return Channel by Satellite (DVB-RCS) in the return direction (VSAT-to-Teleport/hub). There are plans to replace the current Modems with the Joint Internet Protocol Modem (JIPM). The remote JIPM Modem has two DVB-S2 receivers and has inherent two-way capability using DVB-RCS. A prime motivation to transition to the JIPM is that it has imbedded TRANSEC.