The Service Generation Apparatus for IPTV Interactive Digital Channel

Date Added: Sep 2009
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Now-a-days, based on the needs of audio-video entertainments by customers and advanced network development, the IPTV has been intensely developed by the telecommunication, multi-media, and network research staffs. The IPTV takes advantage of existing switched telephone networks to provide users a variety of services such as telephoning, television watching, movie enjoying, Kala OK entertaining, and high-speed networking, which can be optionally picked by users at any time,. In Taiwan, the IPTV service is provided by CHunghwa Telecom (CHT) Co. known as CHT MOD (Multimedia On Demand) service since 2004. It is with ATM as backbone network, ADSL as client side's access network and a setup box at user client that decodes MPEG-2 video and displays video on NTSC TV screen.