Data Management

The Structural Cost Efficiencies of Open Source Networking

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Executive Summary

There are over 200 million employees who work remotely rather than from their desks. The most amazing fact though is that over 70 percent of these people do not think about backup when they set out to work. Many notebooks are lost on airports and this paper mentions what the drawbacks are in the present systems of laptop backup. This paper explains solutions for laptop backup and provides an insight into the popular Druva's solution for on-the-move laptop backup when employees are travelling. The paper also mentions how Druva inSync, with its unique de-data duplication approach, makes back up almost invisible no matter where one is. The major problems with existing systems are bandwidth and storage requirements, network not being accessible everywhere, and working in an open network that can expose the corporate to the harmful intruders. Limitations of the existing system are mentioned in this paper and it provides Druva as a possible and efficient laptop backup solution. This solution is able to meet key requirements of laptop backup such as bandwidth and storage requirements, network access to backup server, and security. Druva inSync is able to provide ten times the backup speed with a 90% reduction in bandwidth and storage. It also provides client-triggered backup, secure network communication, WAN optimization, browser-based restoration, and advanced reporting. The solution is easy to use and comes with an intuitive graphical interface.

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