The Wiimote With SAPI: Creating an Accessible Low-Cost, Human Computer Interface for the Physically Disabled

Date Added: Dec 2009
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In this paper the authors report on an inexpensive device that helps a person with physical disability to interact with the Web. The human computer interface is made through a head tracking pointer. The head tracking pointer consists of the Wii controller (Wiimote), a low cost and readily available game controller, and InfraRed (IR) LED. The Wiimote is used to detect the position of the user's head. The Windows API (Application Programming Interface) has been used to move the pointer to the proper position according to the position given by the Wiimote. Microsoft SAPI (Speech Application Programming Interface) has been used to input commands via speech. The browser has been developed to provide a simple easy-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) to be used by the physically disabled.