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Executive Summary

Printer security is a complex issue with many elements to consider. Failure to take steps to protect information assets can have serious consequences and risks exposing an organization to liability claims, financial loss and criminal penalties. Whether it is personal or financial information, health records, confidential government information or sensitive corporate data it is vital to deploy security that minimizes the risk of targeted or opportunistic threats - be these internal or external.

Ensuring a secure printing environment is critical for any organization regardless of its size and maturity. It is therefore imperative that IT managers prepare themselves and their organizations to manage print in a proactive way and implement policies and procedures to support an overall secure print strategy. It is not simply enough to throw technology at the problem, as the effectiveness of any security strategy relies on user education and improved processes.

For security and compliance, businesses need to identify who uses printing devices, control how they are able to use them and gather accurate usage audits for reports to regulators. In today's digital world, minimizing security risk and protecting confidential information has become a top priority and protecting network printers is a critical part of the information security equation.

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