Data Centers

Three Steps to Perfectly Green

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Executive Summary

Proudly boasting itself as the most environmental friendly branch in business, this statement of the IT sector was found null and void when reports in 2008 proved that data centers in IT firms use enormous amounts of energy and emit almost the same amount of carbon dioxide as emitted by an entire aviation center. The energy is used by computers and other infrastructure of the data center, particularly for cooling purposes. Companies are now talking about turning their firms into environmental friendly organizations by turning to green data centers. In the recent years, organizations like Deerns have developed a variety of innovative data center infrastructure that can reduce up to 50% in cooling energy leading to Power Usage Efficiency (PUEs) of 1.35 to 1.26. Deerns has now identified third steps in the development towards the shaping and development of the next generation of data centers, which this paper talks about. Three steps as identified by Deerns are as follows: improving conventional data structure infrastructure by tuning it to minimize energy consumption through a total cost of ownership perspective; the next step is to search for improvements in the efficiency of the energy that is used; rethink the cooling needs of a data center and how to best satisfy those needs. These simple three steps can play a huge role in helping companies fulfill their mission of 'Going Green'.

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