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Executive Summary

Numerous studies show that advertising works. However, it has always been difficult to prove the value of such advertising in more concrete terms. In the real world of banner ads and rich media, ads appear or are given prominent page placement, but after visitors are exposed to t hem, what meaningful results do they really produce? Do the ads just build awareness or do they truly changed the behavior of the audience that has been exposed to them? And more specifically, do they drive funnel engagement and increase sales?
These are critical questions for marketing strategists. Advertisers need to know what they're getting for their money. Measuring click-through rates only goes so far, since a simple count of responses doesn't mean much given that only 1-2% that are exposed are actually clicking. The best possible scenario would be to determine: Did viewers of advertising actually move further down the sales funnel? What role did advertising play in that movement?
This white paper is a Meta study that CBS Interactive conducted analyzing numerous campaigns over the past couple of years that address these questions.

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